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Global DNS allows you to check the DNS records across multiple servers instantly. It provides insight to end users on which server the website is pointing to. It is also helpful to check the current DNS entries in case the DNS records are changed.

Features Multiple DNS Record Types You and your end users can check multiple types of DNS records like A, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT and much more. There are a total of 10 types of DNS records to check.

Multiple Servers There is no limit on how many servers you can add, the more the servers better the stats. You can check this article on how to add and set up a server for Global DNS.

Dark Mode Following the current trend, Global DNS also has a Dark Mode. You can enable this from the Admin Dashboard on the Global DNS Settings page. Based on which WP Editor you’re using, you also need to set the background colours accordingly.

Requirements For WHOIS Lookup, you will need PHP fsockopen and enable TCP Port 43 for Outgoing traffic

You will need a WordPress website to install this WordPress Plugin. You will also need multiple shared hosting accounts to act as a server for this plugin. You can also opt for Free Servers at this URL here

From v1.1.0 you can directly use DNS Server IP to fetch the DNS Records, but you will need the shell_exec function.

If there is any confusion in the requirements please post a comment and we will respond back asap!

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