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Why not make it easier to access this data by adding a fitness calculator directly to your website, if you run a health and fitness blog or a personal trainer who uses WordPress to track customers fitness programmes? So Health Pro – Calorie, Water Intake and BMI Calculator WordPress Plugin is out now.

This plugin is ideal for physicians, healthcare institutions, hospitals, yoga fitness centres, and yoga studios. It calculates calorie intake, water intake, and BMI and shows results in graphical format. It will be easy to predict baby’s blood group on the basis of mother and father’s blood group using its BloodType Calculator. 6 Minute Walking Test calculator, lets your user to know the expected 6 minute walking distance they need to cover. It has built-in calculators and shortcodes that you can use on any page of a WordPress website. With the plugin’s fantastic colour customization function, you can change the colour to match your theme’s colour and enhance the number of visitors to your site.

If your company is in the nutrition and fitness industry, having a Health Pro plugin on your website is a requirement. Your customers will unquestionably appreciate the chance to use your website to track and manage their daily calorie goals, water intake, and body mass.

Features of the plugin

BMI, BFP, BMR, Ideal weight calculators

BMI Calculator

BFP Calculator

BMR Calculator

Ideal weight Calculator

Water Intake Calculator

Calorie calculator

6 Minute Walking Test Calculator

BloodType Calculator

Health & Fitness Quotes Widget

JS and CSS loads when shortcode called on page

Can print the calculation report in PDF form

Colors customization

AJAX Calculations (without page reload)

Plugin has .po file and ready to translate.


Nice admin interface

Unique Design

Well Documented ( proper help instructions for setup )

Dedicated Support

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