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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use shipping plugin for WooCommerce, it can be used to create multiple shipping rates based on product rules and conditions.

This plugin can be used to create a variety of the shipping cost types such as costs per weight unit, cost per item, cost per shipping class, cost per category, and so much more. Package items can also be grouped by item unitproduct categoryshipping classes, etc, and charged accordingly.

Unlimited Shipping Methods
Create unlimited shipping methods and shipping rates based on combinations of about 35+ product rules and 89+ conditions, shipping costs can also be based on these same combinations, some of which include shipping destinationitem shipping classweight, and cart subtotal, just to name a few.

Unlimited Handling Fees
In addition to shipping cost calculations, handling fees (or some sort of insurance costs) can also be created either as part of the shipping costs or as separate fees that can be added to the cart.

Multiple Cart Notifications
Create multiple cart notifications based on combinations of any of the parameter types which include weight, package totals and shipping costs.

Shipping Costs Calculation
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping can be used to create dynamic shipping costs (or handling fees) based on product rules and conditions, about 22 shipping cost/fee combinations are included in the plugin:

  • Shipping Cost Per Order
  • Fixed shipping cost
  • Shipping cost per shipping class
  • Shipping cost per category
  • Shipping cost per tag
  • Percentage shipping cost (based on dynamically generated package totals)
  • Shipping Cost Per Items
  • Shipping cost per line item
  • Shipping cost per item
  • Shipping cost per product
  • Shipping cost per product variation
  • Percentage shipping cost per item
  • Shipping Cost Per Weight
  • Shipping cost per weight
  • Shipping cost multiplied by items weight
  • Shipping Cost Per Length
  • Shipping cost per length
  • Shipping cost multiplied by items length
  • Shipping Cost Per Width
  • Shipping cost per width
  • Shipping cost multiplied by items width
  • Shipping Cost Per Height
  • Shipping cost per height
  • Shipping cost multiplied by items height
  • Shipping Cost Per Surface Area
  • Shipping cost per surface area
  • Shipping cost multiplied by items surface area
  • Shipping Cost Per Volume
  • Shipping cost per volume
  • Shipping cost multiplied by items volume

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